Benefits of Air Conditioning Service and Repair in Cincinnati

Service your air conditioner to save on expensive home repairs to your home’s heating and cooling systems, especially your air conditioner.  If you live in Cincinnati, Ohio, you cannot wait until the last minute to get your air conditioning unit repaired. Waiting for something to go wrong before you repair your unit can be an expensive mistake. Like any other electrical equipment, the most cost-effective method of getting the best out of your air conditioner is with proper care and regular maintenance. Miami Heating and Air Conditioning is the best in the area at servicing old AC units and installing new AC units.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Cincinnati can be extremely hot during summers and some small steps can help in reducing the risk of heat stroke during summers when the air conditioning unit breaks down. When you hire a professional, they will clean or replace the air filter which will help in improving the performance of the system. When the filters are clean, it will maximize the airflow. This will make the air cleaner and improve the efficiency of the machine. Keeping the filters clean also reduces energy consumption and helps in saving the environment.

When air conditioner is not maintained properly, it loses about 5 percent of its overall efficiency every year. Also, proper maintenance is proven double the life span of the machine.

Another important benefit of maintaining you air conditioner is that it reduces health risk. In a recent report in TIME, Cincinnati was listed as the most polluted cities in America. When you maintain the air conditioning system, it will reduce the risk of several diseases that are associated with poor quality of air. So if you care for your family and your wallet, get a professional to service your air conditioner regularly.

Why should you hire a professional?

Hiring a professional to maintain the unit can save hundreds of dollars in the long run. Some of the benefits of regular maintenance include:

  1. a) Reduce energy cost
  2. b) Extending the life of the unit
  3. c) Makes the system safer
  4. d) Prevents expensive breakdowns
  5. e) Improves performance

When hiring a professional, it is in your interest to hire a local air conditioning company. Local companies will not only service the unit regularly but will also attend to repairs when needed. Also, hiring a local professional is proven to be more cost effective. They will also change the required parts at short notice which will reduce repair time.

new air conditionerWhen should you change your air conditioner?

If you are like most Cincinnatians who are overpaying for air conditioning, it is time you take steps to reduce your energy cost. While there is nothing you can do to change the hot Cincinnati climate, there are several ways of reducing your air conditioning bills. One of the ways of reducing utility bills is by changing the air conditioning unit. Here are some signs that it is time to buy a new air conditioning unit.

Frequent Repair

If you are spending more money on air conditioner service and repair than in the past, it is time that you but a new unit. An additional benefit of buying a new unit is that it comes with manufacturer warranty which will reduce maintenance costs.

Aging Unit

A new unit will not only reduce maintenance cost but will also do a better job of cooling your office or home. Some experts are of the view that a new unit can cut cooling cost by up to 50 percent. Since most new units are energy efficient, they reduce utility bills. If you current air conditioner is more than 10 years old, it is time you replace the unit.

Inconsistent Temperature

If your house is burdened by temperature inconsistencies, it is time to change the unit. New unit will not only reduce cooling cost but are also good at maintaining temperature.

See the Better Business Bureau at for more information about air conditioning companies in the Greater Cincinnati area.

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